After the coronavirus dust settles a little bit, there will be some permanent changes to our daily lives. One of these changes could be the return of drive-in movie theaters, and here's why...

This past weekend (04/23/20) there was one movie theater that kept the weekly box office report alive. That one theater was Ocala Drive-In in Ocala, Florida.

Obviously all of the other theaters are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once theaters open back up, what will be the public's reaction? Will people be looking for entertainment, but also want to avoid crowds?

Possibly so, and that's why the drive-in movie theater industry could see a resurgence.

Kassie from -

Some analysts believe a quarter of the nation's movie theaters will have to close their doors. Many higher-ups in the industry are looking at alternatives and this has brought back the thought of drive-in theaters. Drive-ins would give viewers a chance to be in a large venue while still practicing proper social distancing.

When I was a kid, drive-ins had long been a thing of the past. The possibility of them making a comeback is something I definitely would love to see.

How about you? Would you support a drive-in theater in Acadiana?

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