We are having a very weird year. And since we are in the middle of a worldwide health pandemic, any info we can pass along to make life easier is OK with us. The folks at Ochsner Health Medical Center have come out with a list of everyday activities, and your risk of contracting coronavirus by doing them. It's pretty eye opening, I must say.

Earlier this week they shared the chart with qualifying activities in three different categories, low risk, moderate risk and high risk. Check them out below, and y'all be safe out there!


  • Getting take out
  • Exercising outside
  • Pumping gas
  • Going on a run, walk, or bike ride with a few others
  • Waiting in a doctor's office waiting room


  • Going to the grocery store
  • Eating outdoors at a restaurant
  • Going to a small diner party at someone's house
  • Going to the beach
  • Swimming in a public pool
  • Getting a haircut


  • Going to a bar
  • Eating at a buffet
  • Going to a large music festival or concert
  • Going to a movie theater
  • Attending an event at a sports stadium that's at full capacity
  • Flying on a airplane



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