Emotions ran high last night as the votes were announced, and, unfortunately, MacKenzie Bourg did not garner enough votes to make it to the next round. (If you watch the video, and want to 'skip' to see Mac, scroll 7/8 of the way to the end!!)

But, let's think about this before we all wallow in our gumbo: Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, David Archuleta, Clay Aiken, Kellie Pickler.... need I say more?  They DIDN'T win their competition, and look how far they have come.

MacKenzie Bourg 2
MacKenzie Bourg singing "Pumped Up Kicks" in the KTDY Studio

So, maybe we should be THANKFUL that he didn't win?  Don't get me wrong, but let's now think about Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino; Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook and Kris Allen.....  WHO???  Exactly!  Although they did well during the competition they won (of course), they haven't done much since (not that I've heard, anyway).

So, let's just be positive, count this as a blessing, and hope that the exposure that Mac had during his time on The Voice helps him open doors to his career!!

(Via NBC and iTunes)

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