We've all heard how hard of a time businesses are having hiring employees as everything continues to reopen. Everyone is getting creative in the recruiting game, even fast food giant McDonald's.

As seen in a tweet by @brogawd_ a McDonald's in Altamont, Illinois has a sign in their window offering a new iPhones to new employees.

As businessinsider.com points out, the new iPhone is contingent the "sign adds that staff need to work at the chain for six months and meet certain, unspecified 'employment criteria' to be eligible."

Details on what generation iPhone McDonald's is offering or exactly what "employment criteria" will need to be met could not be answered by the manager when asked.

From businessinsider.com -

A McDonald's spokesperson told Insider on Tuesday that the fast-food chain was ramping up recruitment, though they added that this often happened during the summer. It said that individual restaurants were offering a range of benefits including pay incentives, such as appreciation pay, sign-on and referral bonuses, and paid time off.


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What's your opinion about all of the sign on bonuses, iPhones, and other offers being made by businesses to lure people back to work? Do you think people who were able to work through the pandemic should get a "Thank You" from their employers, or is being able to keep a job through all this craziness "Thank You" enough?

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