The iconic Randol’s alligator has a new home!

The wooden alligator that sat outside of Randol’s Restaurant has been moved to the Lafayette Convention & Visitors Center that is located on the Evangeline Thruway.

This move comes after the legendary restaurant announced on its Facebook page that it would be closing its doors after 50 years. Frank Randol decided to sell the restaurant, iconic dance hall, and seafood processing plant after receiving an offer to sell the property from an unnamed buyer.

Randol’s was most famously known for its dance hall and was a perfect destination for tourists who wanted to experience the Cajun culture, some good music, and even better authentic Cajun cuisine.
Frank Randol, the owner of Randol’s Restaurant, donated the alligator to the Lafayette Convention & Visitors Center earlier today. By allowing the alligator to be moved to its new home Randol has allowed a staple of this community to live on in another way.

I certainly won’t forget the first time I went to have dinner at Randol’s. We had just moved here from New Orleans, La, I was about six years old and can remember watching everyone dancing and having a good time. I didn’t know it at the time but I now realize how special it was that I got the chance to grow up in this community and experience the strong culture that is present here.

Check out a video I came across that showcases all that Randol's had to offer:

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