I went to a concert and didn't take photos or videos, and I believe that my life is better for it!

Actually, I went to a whole week's worth of performances without even having my phone/camera on my person. The Cayamo cruise was last week, a week of singer-songwriters performing their songs in front of their biggest fans.

This is the 11th year of Cayamo, but it was only #10 for me and Shannon (we skipped 2017 because we wanted to plan a trip to Ireland, and that didn't quite pan out). Some of the artists on the boat we are huge fans of - Brandi Carlile, John Prine, Shawn Mullins, Patty Griffin - but many, we've never heard of, making Cayamo a great place to enjoy your favorite artists and discover new ones.

Before the first show on the first day of the cruise (it was actually the Sail-Away show on the pool deck), while we were unpacking in the cabin, I mentioned that I needed to take my phone with me to the show. Shannon asked me "when was the last time you looked at the photos or videos you took at a concert?". I couldn't give her an answer. Actually, I don't ever recall looking at any of the pics or viewing any of the videos from concerts.

So, instead of trying to watch the show through a viewfinder, I was able to enjoy the show without the distraction of trying to capture it digitally. And I was also able to reduce the distraction of others by raising my phone in the air to try to get a good shot, so it was a double-win!

How did I get the photo I used in this story? It was from a post I did a few years back. I hope that I didn't distract anyone when I snapped it!

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