A hurricane is coming means “send out the invites” in Louisiana. I mean, everyone knows in Louisiana everything is a party, right? There ain’t no party like a hurricane party.  Family, friends, and neighbors gather up their beer and food and everyone huddles up together, usually the safest roof, to ride out the storm. There is no doubt that alcohol sales go up during a hurricane in Louisiana. Hurricane parties seem to frustrate state emergency officials because of excessive drinking during dangerous storms. BUT, a lot of time it is just camaraderie, sharing food and necessities, and safety in numbers. Of course, drinking and fun goes with that.  Obviously, you start by getting the basic essentials to prepare for a hurricane safety like water, batteries, candles, medicine, etc. We’re not always fortunate to wait out every storm at home so listen to authorities if they suggest you evacuate. If you can hunker down at home, and you do have a hurricane party, here are the essentials needed if you live in Louisiana.


Hurricane Party Must Haves for Every Cajun

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