What is it with these animals?

A huge deer found its way into a church in Sturgis, Michigan and now I am asking what is it with deer just showing up in random places.

If you recall, we had a smaller deer show up at a hospital in Baton Rouge this week, and now this deer decided to go to church.

The deer entered the church through a window and it made its way all the way up the stairs and onto the second floor balcony of the church.

Luckily the deer made its way out of the church, but what is ironic is that the day the deer decided to go to church, was also the opening day of deer season.


Let's just hope the deer got the blessing it may have been seeking prior to re-entering the wild.

But seriously, why are wild animals showing up in places that we rarely see them in? Is it new construction moving animals or do they know something that we don't know?

Check out this buck just running through the church in Michigan.


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