There is a tutorial floating around on social media for how to make a "prison style" deep fryer with only a few different house-hold items. While it may not be the safest way to crisp and cook your favorite snack, it certainly seems to be effective.

Instagram via @roodratchettv
Instagram via @roodratchettv

All this guy needed to make a deep-fryer was three different sized cans, some hair grease, and toilet paper. While he refers to the method as "prison style", I could certainly see someone trying something like this while camping.


He took the cans, and cut them up to the desired shapes and sizes. He also twisted up some toilet paper and covered it in hair grease.


After loading up the bottom half of a can with hair grease and the toilet paper that acted as a wick, he covered up the flame with a make-shift stove that even had a flap on it to control the temperature. 


All that was left was to add the oil...


and let the oil get hot!

How to make a "prison style" deep fryer.

Now that you know what it takes to put together a "prison style" deep fryer, check out the whole tutorial via @hoodratchettv on Instagram warning.

*** Warning - This is definitely not an ideal way to deep fry anything, so please do not try this at home ***

Certainly a simple set up, but you would have trouble frying up anything more than a couple of pizza rolls in this small fry basket. I usually tend to consume fried foods in copious amounts, so unless there were much bigger cans involved - I'll stick to my trusty air-fryer.

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