Can you takes steps to make your clothes look new longer?  Sure!  Washing machines, dryers and laundry detergents are a necessary evil that end up destroying your clothes.  But you can slow down this process drastically.

A washing machine's agitator wears out clothes, that's a fact, but if you wash on gentle cycle every time, with lots of water and less soap you will extend the life of you clothes.  You might also us a mesh laundry bag to group heavier items like denim, so they don't rub against the gentler clothes.  And turn clothes inside out when washing.  Some experts believe liquid detergent are better for the health of your clothes than powered detergents.  Powered detergents act like a sand paper against your clothing.

Don't wash as often.  Unless your clothes are really soiled, you don't really need to wash them so much.  After you've worn a garment, hang it up in your closet with the other clothes.  In a few days it will smell like the others and that 'worn look' will disappear.  If this doesn't take place, then wash it, but you should be able to get 3 or 4 wears out of a shirt or pair of pants.  Jean companies claim we should wash jeans after we've worn them 7 times unless really dirty.

Try to buy quality garments.  You get what you pay for...a 60 dollar shirt will usually last you longer than a 40 dollar shirt.  You'll find yourself having to replace cheaper garments more quickly.  So pay now or pay later.
Avoid the dryer like the plaque.  Hang clothes whenever possible.  If you must use the dryer, and most of us do, dry on a low heat setting and check your clothes often.  When they are dry enough to take them out, do.  This will save your clothes and money on your electric bill.

[Via:  Reddit]

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