Did you know that most Americans find themselves tired even after Daylight Saving time ends? We all feel lost for a few days. Turns out it's totally normal.


1. Work on your to-do list or plan a trip to beat your anxiety. 
Most of us struggle with the anxiety of losing or gaining an hour. We get in our heads and scatterbrained and stressed about the upcoming work week. Having a to-do list or a fun trip helps us refocus and makes us feel in control of the situation.

2. Send yourself to bed earlier a few nights before DST Ends
Just like you try to get your kids to adapt to a school schedule after a fun summer, you will have to train yourself too. Set an alarm for bedtime. Weird right? An alarm will make sure that you are on track and don't mess with your body clock.

3. Turn the T.V. off
Did you know that the blue light emitted from screens is really bad for your sleep schedule? It throws off your Circadian rhythm. How can you make sure you get good sleep? Do something before bed that relaxes you like reading a book. Turn off that T.V. and set your phone down earlier than you normally do. Even by 30 minutes, you will feel a difference the next morning. Falling asleep faster and earlier than normal will help you feel like you are caught up on sleep.

4. No Caffeine after your morning cup.
You're making sure that your kid's sugar intake is being reduced, you should make sure you slow down on your caffeine. Did you know that drinking caffeine later in the day really does mess with your ability to fall asleep? Cut your kids off the sugar, cut yourself off the coffee after 12:00 p.m.

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