I found a cat huddled up in the middle of the road this week, and I have no idea how to determine its age (short of bringing it to a veterinarian, scheduled for next week).

In the meantime, I am trying to figure out how old it is. Can you tell by the size of the teeth? The cat has very tiny incisors between its canines (felines?), and it seems like it had to learn to drink from the water bowl, though it had little difficulty figuring out how to eat mashed-up fish, and will not yet tackle dry food, favoring soft(ened) foods.

I have temporarily named him (it) Farfegnugen Stroopwafel. I do not plan to keep this cat (hence the temporary name), but I am actively trying to find a home.

This cat eats, sleeps, plays, and purrs (among other things). It is yet to be determined the level of "luck" the cat brings to one's life.

It would be lucky for me if you are interested in and capable of taking this kitty into your home.

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