This is scary to watch.

A customer at a Houston Jack-In-The-Box did not get their complete order correct and that's what led to this altercation.

You can see the customer throwing food and drinks at the drive-thru window as one employee shuts the window.

Another employee walks away from the window and returns with a gun in her hand. That is when you see the employee open the window and shoot at the truck.

Jack In The Box To Release Quarterly Earnings
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The incident happened in 2021 and video footage has just been released. The employee who shot at the truck was identified as Alonniea Ford.

The family who was shot at filed a $1 Million lawsuit against the restaurant.

The man who was driving the truck had his family in the vehicle with him and he was reportedly in Texas to help restore power at the time. The family is from Florida.

The employee at Jack-In-The-box was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

If you're wondering what was missing from this man's order, it was his curly fries. Yes, that is what ignited this argument, that ended with shots being fired from the drive-thru window.

Here's footage of the shooting from back in 2021.


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