Hotel worker Amanda Hunt shared a video a few days ago on TikTok that's gone viral.  She shares a few hotel secrets in the video. She advises hotel guests to never use the comforter. There are other things you should know about your next hotel room as well.

According to, on average, it costs $30 to $40 dollars to turn over a room daily. That's after the hotel pays staff, electricity, cleaning supplies and every other cost associated with keeping a room in tip-top shape. Every dime a hotel gets after $30 to $40 bucks is pure profit.

The sales and reservation departments are encouraged to book the property to 110 percent capacity, in the hopes that with cancellations and no-shows they will fill every

According to hotel workers often times find vomit in the ice buckets. You should always rinse out the ice bucket and remember to use the liner.

To get a room upgrade, never ask the reservation desk employee when other people waiting to check-in can hear you. Be subtle. And if that doesn't work, ask for a corner room. Corner rooms are oftentimes the same price and are usually larger with a better view. Oh, and anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations don't usually get you an upgrade. Being nice to the front desk attendants generally works best, yet rarely happens.

People die in hotels. But hotel personnel won't talk about it. If you've spent any time in hotels, there's a good chance you've slept in a bed that someone has died in.

The germiest spots in a hotel include alarm clocks, TV remotes, carpets, light switches, and coffee makers.

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