The shocking story of 'Honey Boo Boo' matriarch Mama June dating convicted child molester, Mark McDaniel, took a disturbing turn when it was revealed that one of McDaniel's alleged victims was June's own daughter, Anna. Now it appears the police report containing the horrific details of the charges filed against McDaniel has emerged.

Radar Online has reportedly obtained the document, and its contents are incredibly disturbing. The report is so graphic that Radar Online has chosen not to publish the exact details of the alleged assaults.

The report allegedly states that Anna first spoke with a police officer and a child services counselor in March 2003, saying that “she had done the ‘s word’ with Mark.” The report supposedly goes on to further describe the horrific details that Anna reported to police: "Anna then stated that Mark touches her private parts and sometimes he makes her touch his. Anna advised she tells Mark to stop, but he keeps going.”

The assaults allegedly took place multiple times over the span of a few months -- from April to October 2002. Although the case was dropped, McDaniel was later indicted in 2003 by a grand jury, who accused him of “play[ing] videos depicting sexual acts for Anna Marie Shannon,” “fond[ling] the vagina of Anna Marie Shannon,” “ejaculating on the person of Anna Marie Shannon,” and forcing “the sex organs of the accused” into her mouth. (Quotes via Radar Online.)

McDaniel served ten years in prison and was released in March 2014. Although June has taken to her Facebook page to deny that she is seeing McDaniel again, recent photos of the two together tell a different story.

Anna recently broke her silence by speaking to PEOPLE about what she went through, and her confusing feelings toward her mother, saying: "My whole body believes that she is telling the truth, but my mind is going back and forth from – you know, hey, she's telling the truth or she's not telling the truth, but most of me believes her."

When asked how she would feel if the allegations against June are true, Anna said: "I would feel hurt. I would not feel betrayed, but I would feel hurt."

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