If someone were to develop candle scents for different areas of Acadiana, what might they smell like? We put our chemists out in the field to test air samples in an attempt to break down the olfactory facilitators and then sent those results to our candle makers. Here are the scents they came up with based on this very scientific study:

1. River Ranch - Silicone Pumpkin Spice

2. Erath - Freedom Fire

3. Delcambre - White Rubber Redolence

4. Upper Lafayette - THC Pizzabake Harmony

5. Youngsville - Essence of NuNu

6. New Iberia - Magnolia Cordite

7. Opelousas - Equestrian Yam Jubilee

8. Downtown Lafayette (during Festival) - Patchouli Shae Butter Bouquet

9. Downtown Lafayette (during Mardi Gras) - BBP Emanation (BBQ, beer, and pee).

10. Downtown Lafayette (on a normal Saturday night) - Savory Teen Spritz

11. Southside - Asphalt Cement Swirl

12. Abbeville - Creosote Pogie Julep

13. Carencro - Interstate Love Bong


All in jest, of course. Except for Delcambre.

What would your hometown smell like?



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