Here in south Louisiana, in no time weeds can get out of control and overtake your garden.  Weed killers like Roundup work, but are very expensive and most are not eco friendly.  There is a homemade, better, inexpensive and eco friendly solution to kill weeds and it WORKS!

This homemade weed killer will work so well, make sure you ONLY USE IT ON WHAT YOU WANT DEAD.  This solution will kill what it comes in contact with and keep ANYTHING from growing in that location for a long time.

You will need 1 Gallon of white regular household vinegar.  White household vinegar is about 5 percent concentration and is really all you need.  However, if you need to kill weeds faster, you might try vinegar with a 10 or 20 percent concentration.  Any of these concentrations will work just fine.  Again, regular household vinegar is great, but may take a few days longer.

You'll also need a cup of table salt, a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and a bucket.

Directions:  Pour vinegar into the bucket.  Add the cup of salt and stir until dissolved completely.  Add the dishwashing liquid and gently mix so that you don't create a bunch of suds.  (The dishwashing soap will allow the solution to stick to whatever you spray it on.)

Put the solution in a sprayer, spray bottle or just pour from the bucket.  It is important that you understand this solution will kill whatever you pour it on and keep ANYTHING from growing in that area for quite some time.



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