Dylan Chidick's parents didn't spend 500 thousand dollars bribing university officials to get him accepted. The New Jersey teen has received legitimate letters of acceptance from 17 colleges & universities. Seventeen year old Dylan and his family emigrated from Trinidad ten years ago. They've overcome substantial obstacles, including homelessness, and major health issues. His twin younger brothers are dealing with cardiac problems. His single mother,Khadine Phillip, has struggled mightily to  support her family. Dylan set a goal of being the first of his family to attend college. He's been undeterred by the naysayers.

“My family went through a lot and there has been a lot of people saying, ‘you can’t do that,’ or ‘you’re not going to achieve this,’ and me – getting these acceptances – kind of verifies what I have been saying. I can do it and I will do it.”  - Dylan Chiddick

Dylan's been accepted by some big name schools, including Xavier, but he wants to stay closer to home.


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