Before the winter storm hit, we saw several pleas on social media to check on those less fortunate and help them to prepare for the oncoming sub-freezing temperatures.

Sadly, a homeless man in Shreveport wasn't able to get enough help and reportedly froze to death on Monday night.

According to Hope House, a shelter for the homeless in Shreveport, the man died in downtown Shreveport on Monday night (Feb. 15).

Of course, it was really bad that evening in north Louisiana as temperatures dropped into the single digits for several hours.

The shelter posted to social media:

I am saddened to post this but one of our friends, who came to Hope House each morning for coffee and attended the monthly bible study, froze to death last night. Around 10:30 pm he was found in a sitting position slumped over against a brick wall of a business downtown.

Hope House was hoping to reach out to the man's family before releasing any more information but just asks the community to continue to pray for those on the streets.

The social media post went on to say:

Those of us that work on the front line of homelessness, are greatly saddened, angry and confused as to why there isn't more help during emergency weather conditions. This will be a day for us to work through these emotions. Please pray for us also.

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