It's the second round of the playoffs, and it's time for another Football Forecast. Notre Dame, Cecilia and Acadiana...does it get any better?

Like we did last week, we jumped back to recognize a Player of the Week (Cecilia RB Raymond Calais Jr.) and a Team of the Week (Carencro High), but don't think it was an easy task choosing either. There were a ton of area teams and players who could have rightfully seen their names on the screen.

The problem is, Raymond Calais Jr., a.k.a. "The Great Calais," ran for 269 yards and 4 TD' the first half of Cecilia's 49-20 first round stomping of Northwood. Cecilia's explosive playmaker recently picked up a scholarship offer from the Ragin' Cajuns, and don't let his 170 lb frame fool you. If you're worried about him running around you, he might run through and past you. Don't say you weren't warned, Karr.

Carencro earned Team of the Week for putting a 38-20 spanking on Woodlawn (BR) in the Cro Dome. Their #16 seed in Class 4A might be the most absurd thing on the planet, and Tyreik Campbell and Gabe Duffy are good enough to beat anybody on a given day...but they'll need to bring it ALL if they want to beat Neville in the 2nd Round.

Now it's time to get into our top three matchups of the week. It took us hours to narrow it down. OK, maybe not hours, but there are good games galore.

Notre Dame versus Calvary Baptist. Need I say more?

The Pios are undefeated this season and sport one of the sickest defenses in the state, but they're going up against a Calvary team that averages 40.7 points per game and scored 50 in the first round of the playoffs.

Their game styles are beyond different. Calvary will spread you out and light you up, while Notre Dame beats you with physicality, defense and a bruising run game. Here's why I'm going with the Pios: they've done everything possible to earn my trust. On top of an undefeated season where they beat talented 4A teams like Teurlings Catholic, Breaux Bridge, and LaGrange, they even tacked on a win over STM in the jamboree. Simply put, every opponent Notre Dame faces gets beat, literally.

In terms of dangerous squads, does it get anymore perilous than facing the Acadiana Wreckin' Rams in the playoffs?

Ted Davidson and his group of maulers were tabbed with the #11 seed in Class 5A, and it's up to the rest of the bracket to prove they're not still the reigning state champs. The Rams will be on the road at #6 Parkway (6:00 pregame, 7:00 kickoff on ESPN 1420), but please don't think the seeding means a thing to Coach Davidson. When it's playoffs time for the Rams, it's "show me my opponent" mode for the #VeerMachine. It's impossible to prepare for, so Parkway better hope for some turnovers.

All respect to Parkway. They earned their seed. That being said, I refuse to doubt Acadiana.

I have to admit, the last team on the Football Forecast won me over this season. C-Town, stand up.

Cecilia football is blowin' up. They have a hype track, an incredibly sick RB and an equally deadly passing game. Stuff the box for Calais and get the top taken off by Kenya Dartez. Leave your defenders back and Landon Roberts can leave the pocket and make you pay with his legs, but it might be smarter than letting him pick you apart with the arm. All that being said, Edna Karr is NOT the team to be slept on.

Karr is a perpetual playoff pest from New Orleans. Athletes? Check. Size? Definitely check? The last scary check mark comes in the motivation department. Karr suffered some losses early in the season, but their momentum is definitely trending upward coming into the playoffs. Don't let the #14 seed deceive you. They could absolutely end Cecilia's season if they're not careful.

Again, picking these matchups was almost as difficult as thinking about what I'm going to do once football season is over...let's us just enjoy it while it's here.

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