Lots of people are freaking about Sony and Disney parting ways over Spidey, but who knows what the future will bring?

Disney and Sony apparently couldn't come to a deal on their continued sharing of the Spider - Man movie rights, which Sony purchased years before Disney bought Marvel. As of now, it doesn't look like the two companies will patch things up. Sony has had a string of disasters in recent years, including email leaks, executive upheavals, and horrible creative decisions like the Ghostbusters reboot and The Magnificent Seven. The company's film studio lost almost a billion dollars in 2017. Last year, they made an insane amount of money with Venom, so the idea of sharing future income from Spider - Man when they need every penny was not one they could get behind.

Casual and diehard Spidey and MCU fans are freaking out and all have the same question: where will Spidey swing from here? Here are a few ways I think things could go, including what I'd like to see happen to the Wallcrawler.


  • Marvel Studios
    Marvel Studios

    MCU Spidey Without Disney

    Sony has indicated this is likely what will happen going forward: they will produce the two already - planned Spider - Man movies without Disney's help. How will this work when they won't be able to reference ANY of the MCU characters or events? That's one of the biggest questions no one really has an answer for yet. Even so, this is the most likely way things will play out.


  • Sony Pictures Animation
    Sony Pictures Animation

    Spider - Man 4.0

    We had the Raimi films (two of which were great), the Webb/Andrew films (one of which was decent) and now two MCU/Holland films. Since reboots have been a big part of Spidey's movie adventures, it's not unimaginable that Sony would do another reboot, either with a different take on Peter Parker or Miles Morales from their very successful Into The Spider - Verse film. Today's audiences are a lot more flexible than they were when the superhero boom began in the early 2000s, so they'd probably still turn out in droves for yet another new Spidey.


  • Sony

    Spidey Swings To Streaming

    This might sound strange given that Avengers Endgame is the most profitable film of all time, but big - budget movies are becoming less the go - to moneymakers for studios. In the case of Endgame, a lot of its success had to do with its position as the capstone of a ten year story followed by millions of moviegoers and fans. There will likely not be another movie in the near future to make this kind of money, even with more Avatar on the way. Disney has already said the next Star Wars movie will be the last one for a while (Solo severely underperformed) and AT&T/Warner Bros. still doesn't know what to do with the DC Comics characters.

    Streaming is quickly becoming the cheaper alternative to films for a lot of reasons. Studios don't have to spend as much to make streaming series, they don't have to spend as much on marketing because of built - in audiences, and they can wait and roll merchandise out once they've gauged how well a show has done. This is why Disney has so many MCU series for Disney+ planned along with a Star Wars series. Sony has announced that it's working with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (LEGO Movie, Into The Spider-Verse) on multiple Spider - Man TV shows. Could it be Sony never planned to continue their deal with Disney so they could use Spider - Man on TV? They'd get a bigger ROI instead of going with live - action movies, especially since they're not now riding the wave of the MCU.

  • 4

    What This Fan Would Like To See

    I've become philosophical about comic book movies after being an avid comic book reader and fan for over thirty years. I feel that the best versions of my favorite characters (Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wolverine, and Spider-Man) have done and can't be matched or beat. Of all the things that could happen, I'd like to see Sony focus on a long - term superhero streaming series that could really dive into the great comic book stories that have been done over the decades. Spider - Man would be a perfect character to lead a streaming series with his great supporting cast and villains. A series drawing from comic book stories could go on almost indefinitely, with Peter Parker and other characters re - cast over the years just as they were in the movies. It's probably not going to happen anytime soon, but I think it's going to become the norm in the not too distant future.

    I also wouldn't mind seeing Sony do another reboot with a Spider - Man the age he was when I started reading his adventures. He was around 23, was out of college, and was married to Mary Jane. It would be nice to see a movie about a married superhero struggling with everyday problems while also fighting crime. Venom first appeared not long after Peter and MJ got married, so a reboot could include Tom Hardy's Venom, which is going to happen in some way no matter what.

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