Ye who is formally known as Kanye West is one of the most polarizing artists and icons of this generation. However, he is also one of the most controversial and infamous people in the cultural zeitgeist. My relationship with Kanye West as a fan went from highly supportive to highly annoyed at his antics. He went from the artist who made College Dropout and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy one of the best hip hop albums ever, to the man who said slavery was a choice and who is now making gospel music. Culturally Kanye West's stock is lower than its ever been due to his recent antics. Yesterday he went on hip hop artist Nore and DJ EFN's hip hop podcast Drink Champs to discuss his life currently and his career. I truly believed that he would use this opportunity to try to right some of his ridiculous comments over the years, and man was I wrong. Here are the 5 wildest things Kanye West said in his new Drink Champs interview!

Number #1: The Beef With Drake

This isn't just one comment or phrase, this is a whole rant. That's why I chose to start with this because Kanye ranted about Drake the entire interview. Here are some of the highlights.

He said he would beat Drake in a Verzuz battle. He said Drake committed a flagrant foul by making it seem like he had sexual relations with his wife Kim Kardashian. He would've preferred that Drake actually did have sexual relations with his wife because he hates the what-if and the wondering did he or didn't he. It also bothered him that, that particular verse was on Sicko Mode a song with Travis Scott that was being played at his kid's friends' parties. He continued on by saying that Drake pushed CLB's release date back because of him(even though he was the one who dropped his album first to avoid going head to head with Drake due to the fact he would have gotten destroyed by Aubrey in first-week album sales). Also after Drake dissed Kanye on his album CLB, specifically on two songs Love All featuring Jay Z and Fair Trade featuring Travis Scott he sent a group text to all three gentlemen, Kim Kardashian, and Kid Cudi. In said group text he told the group that he has more money than all of them combined. However, he did also say that he loves Drake and that he is one of the most important artists for hip-hop culture. But he did add that he shouldn't get backlash for only responding to Drake's disses. It is worth noting that he doesn't take responsibility for starting the entire beef by telling Pusha T that Drake had a child and partaking in a diss rollout for Pusha T's album that inevitably cost Drake an Adidas shoe and clothing contract.

NUMBER #2: Monk Lifestyle

He started the interview by saying he doesn't have a house. His home is when he facetimes his daughter. He called this a nomad or monk lifestyle. He lives out of his murse or handbag. He believes that he shouldn't need to conform and buy a house. He thinks that wherever he goes because he is Ye people should offer him a place to stay and food to eat for FREE.

NUMBER #3: Kanye Took Shots At African American Leaders 

This is a moment in the interview that will probably get overshadowed due to some of the other hot topics from this list. But in my opinion, this is the most off-the-wall and offensive thing he said in the entire interview. He said that all of the African American leaders today are selfish. They would never have told George Bush what I did or stood up for Beyonce against Taylor Swift. Kanye those things do not correlate and it's extremely offensive. The fact is that some of these leaders today have dedicated their whole lives for the betterment of African Americans and that is the furthest thing from selfish.

NUMBER #4: Can Kanye Read? 

Yes, I know you're probably thinking there's no way Kanye West cant read. Well, he said something that would make you at least question his ability. He said that reading and counting are not my skillsets. He also said he reads drums. I just want to know how did he think he could be president if reading and counting arent your skillsets.

NUMBER #5: Big Sean Got Dissed Pretty Bad 

This last one is a doozy. And let me just start off by saying man I feel bad for Big Sean; however, this just proves Drake's point about how Kanye West is a snake. Kanye West stated that the worst thing he ever did was sign Big Sean. He also added that on his tombstone it will say I deserve to be here because I signed Big Sean. He then proceeded to call Big Sean and John Legend sell-outs because they didn't support his presidential campaign and he felt because he gave them a shot in the music industry that they should've supported his campaign. Big Sean did respond with a picture of Kanye inviting him to Sunday service and laughing in his face but he didn't mention any of this at said event. He also said he can't wait to go on Drink Champs for his interview. But again like I stated earlier this only proves Drake's point of how Kanye is a snake.


Okay, I had to cheat and give you two honorable mentions because they are just that funny. The first is that Kanye West said that the bible had dragons in it and that dragons used to exist. And finally that he and Kim aren't divorced because there isn't any paperwork. Also that SNL forced her to say she is divorced and that he wants his family together. Well, I'm sure Pete Davidson might feel a little different.

This interview was absolutely bonkers. I could've probably given you another five off-the-wall Kanye quotes. But in all honesty, this interview really made me sad because the artist that made College Dropout and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is no longer here. I don't think he will ever make an appearance again. So I hope you all like this new version of Kanye or excuse me Ye because that other guy isn't coming back!


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