A Henderson family lost almost all of their belongings to a fire just before Halloween, and friends have put together a GoFundMe account to help them get back on their feet.

The family submitted the photo above as well as the video below. The sobs heard in the video are those of the homeowner:

The monetary goal of the GoFundMe is $10,000, but the real goal is just to help them get through this rough spot until they can find a place to live. The family lost almost everything in the fire, save for a few personal effects and some clothes they were able to grab as they escaped the blaze. From the GoFundMe page:

My name is Brent Desselles of Harahan, Louisiana and my dear friend and former coworker Nicky Baronne's home at 1012 Patin St. in Henderson, Louisiana was destroyed Thursday 10/26/17 by a devestating house fire.  Sixteen fire trucks from 4 local communities worked for 6 hours to put out the blaze.  All contents were lost in the fire with exception to a few personal items and a handful of clothes that they managed to get their hands on before escaping.  We are blessed that the family and the pets got out the house in time and gladly to report that there were no injuries.


Desselles goes on to say that, with the help of many giving a little, the Baronne's can be helped:

As with any hardship it is sometimes an unexpected setback and usually takes time to get back on your feet and get things moving along. I am a firm believer that in the time of need the only thing you can truly count on is family and friends; it's all about people helping people and thats where the strength is. We hold all the power to make anything happen and so with that I am reaching out to the go fund me community to help a friend and get him back on his feet.  A little assistance from a lot of people can really be a powerful movement.  My goal is to raise enough funds  to help them out short term with groceries, clothes, daily living expenses and the basic necessities so they can concentrate on the other things they need to get them on their feet again..  I sincerely appreaciate in advance any and all assistance we are able to fund for the Baronne family.






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