Those keeping score at home can add another point to the Chris Hemsworth column in the ongoing Battle of the Chrises — if you like when professional superhero handsomes rescue kids in action movies that are easily accessible from the comfort of your own home, that is. In other words: Chris Hemsworth is making an action flick for Netflix, and he’s doing it with the help of some awesome friends.

Deadline reports that Hemsworth is reuniting with Marvel-ous directing duo Joe and Anthony Russo for Dhaka — an action flick in which the artist commonly known as Thor plays a man who is “physically brave but an emotional coward.” He’ll have to get over those hang-ups if he hopes to rescue an Indian kid who’s been kidnapped, presumably by unsavory types, many of whom are probably not named Chris. I hope your loins are properly girded.

Joe Russo wrote the movie, which he’ll co-executive produce with his brother and filmmaking partner Anthony. Directing the film is Sam Hargrave, who serves as a stunt coordinator for Marvel and just so happens to be the stunt double for Chris Evans. (He also has a very badass action hero-sounding name.)

So there you have it: Chris Hemsworth has become the first Chris of his kind to make a Netflix movie. Sorry, Chris O’Dowd. You’ll get there some day.

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