Dear Friends,

My life changed when I learned that I suffer from a form of diabetes called hypoglycemia. Before that, I thought a blood disorder like diabetes was no big deal. Just prick your finger every now & then and watch what you eat. Well, it's not so simple. Especially for children. Imagine being 5 years old and needing to take shots three times a day- for the rest of your life!

My birthday is this month and nothing would please me more than helping kids attend Camp Victory, sponsored by the Louisiana Lions Club. Every summer, aproximately 200 Louisiana kids with diabetes get to go for free and enjoy a week of outdoor activities and education with other kids who are dealing with the same issues. Please make a donation to help these kids have a week of fun! Make your check payable to: Rayne Lions Club, and drop it off or mail it to 1749 Bertrand Dr., Lafayette LA, 70506.

Thank you,


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