On our morning show yesterday, we were discussing the start of a new school season and the associated cost for parents.

A new survey of parents revealed that each household spends about $480 to start the new school year. This is for things like clothes, supplies, equipment, fees, and the like. That amount is up $20 from last year and 70 bucks from two years ago.

While we surely do sympathize with parents and the rising cost to send our children to school, we can't forget about our educators. We all know that teachers spend countless amounts of money out of their own pockets to properly equip their classrooms.

That got us thinking: "Maybe we can help!" We don't have deep pockets as lowly disc jockeys, but we know a few folks. So we took to our Facebook to first ask local teachers to share links to their online wishlist. (In nearly all cases, that's through Amazon.)

The response was huge so we decided we would post every wishlist that was submitted.

Below is a list of all the teachers that either submitted their list or had one turned in on their behalf. We would love to help out as many as we can.

That's where you come in. Would you please pick at least one name, click on it, and buy at least one item off their wishlist? More if you can.

Make it a random selection, look for someone you know, perhaps you'll stumble on your kid's teacher -- whatever method you choose, thank you in advance for this small yet thoughtful gesture.

AK Sylvester - Central Middle School 

Alexis Guilbeaux - St. Martinville Primary

Alysse Vondenstein - South Crowley Elementary 

Amanda Koning - Katherine Drexel Elementary 

Amber Bird - Cankton Elementary

Amy Guidry - Estherwood Elementary 

Amy McClelland - St. Martinville Headstart Academy 

Amy Dupre - Mire Elementary 

Andrea Vidrine - Grand Prairie Elementary 

Angela McNabb - Billeaud Elementary

Ann-Riley Lane - Westminster Christian Academy 

Ashley McDade -  School Unknown

Autumn Suire - Cecil Picard Elementary 

Beth Brown - South Crowley Elementary 

Bliss Leblanc - Leonville Elementary

Briana Briley - Krotz Springs Elementary 

Bridget Nall - School Unknown

Britney Briggs - Acadiana Renaissance Charter Academy 

Britney Duvall - Krotz Springs Elementary 

Britney Leleux - Johnston-Hopkins

Brooke Brown - St. Edmund Catholic School

Brooke Stanford - South Crowley Elementary 

Casey Roberie - Evangeline Elementary

Charlie O'Chery - Opelousas Catholic 

Chelsea Green - Ross Elementary 

Chelsea Miller - Carencro Heights

Chelsee Fontenot - Eunice Elementary

Chelsie Sanders - Acadiana High School

Chelsy Taylor - ELC

Cherryl Ortego - Northside High

Christina Meche - Port Barre Middle School

Christina Williams - SLP

Clarissa Huval - Christ Bridge Academy 

Colleen Jumonville - Caneview Elementary

Courtney Fontenot - JW Faulk 

Courtney Rasa - Glendale Elementary 

Cristi Trahan - Cecil Picard Elementary 

Danielle Ducote - Arnaudville Middle 

Danielle Ledford - Billeaud Elementary

Danette Trahan - Christian Home School

Dawn Neil - Leblanc Elementary

Devan Richard - Johnston Hopkins Elementary

Devon Warner - Cecilia Junior High

École Saint-Landry - Lindsay Smythe

Emily Landry - F.I.E.B. Elementary 

Gina Robin - Pre-K

Gracie Jacquneaux - Lawtell Elementary 

Hailey Guidry - Cecilia Jr. High 

Hannah Johnson - Mire Elementary 

Hannah Suire - Kaplan Elementary 

Harlee Mathews - Martial Billeaud Elementary

Heidi Richard - Opelousas High

Jade Leblanc - Milton Elementary 

Jamie Thibodeaux - Richard Elementary 

Jennifer Lee - Rene Rost Middle School 

Jessi Broussard - Seventh Ward Elementary 

Jessica Leger - Acadiana High School 

Jessica Verret - Truman Early Childhood Education Center

Jillian Ray - Green T. Lindon Elementary 

Joni Smith - Estherwood Elementary 

Karina Reinhold - SLP in Iberia Parish 

Kasey Guillory - Church Point Elementary

Kassie Duhon - Delcambre Elementary

Katelan Caffey - Meaux Elementary

Katelyn Bertrand - South Crowley Elementary 

Kim Comeaux - Woodvale Elementary

Kimberly Leblanc - Acadiana Renaissance Charter Academy 

Kris Benham - Charles M. Burke Elementary 

Kristen Romero - Delcambre Elementary 

Laura Duhon & Tina Thibodeaux - Breaux Bridge Primary

Lauren Anderson - Johnston-Hopkins Elementary 

Leighann Fields - Central Middle School

Lilly Faucheaux - Lafayette Renaissance Charter Academy

Lindsey Leger - Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School

Lindsey Terrebonne - Delcambre Elementary 

Lisa Menard - Westminster Christian Academy

Mackenzie Boulet - Delcambre Elementary

Marisa Eskine - Paul Breaux Middle School

Michelle Stelly - Breaux Bridge Primary 

Mimi Daigle - Cankton Elementary 

Morgan Myers - Morse Elementary

Mrs. Jires - Jefferson Island Elementary

Nathan Ross - North Vermilion Middle School

Nia Murray - Truman Early Childhood Education Center

Nicole Touchette - Cecil Picard Elementary

Piper Martin - Port Barre High School

Raegan Compton - Caneview Elementary 

Rachael Landry - Milton Elementary/Middle

Sabrina Belaire - St. Martinville Elementary

Sabrina Scriber - Breaux Bridge Primary 

Sage Champagne - Early Learning Center

Samantha Ortego - Middle School

Sarah Couvillon - Martial Billeaud Elementary

Sara Ryan - Kindergarten

Savana Dohmann - Dr. Raphael Baranco Elementary

Simone Strong - Milton Elementary/Middle

Staci Henry - Speech Therapist

Summer Le - Port Barre Middle 

Tiffany Dugas - Dozier Elementary 

Tobi Devillier - Palmetto Elementary 

Tobi Sonnier - Branch Elementary 

Tonya Briscoe - Richard Elementary 

Victoria Dupuis - JW Faulk Elementary

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