This is pretty cool.

Health care workers in Oregon reportedly administered the COVID-19 vaccine to other drivers who were parked and stuck in a snowstorm.

The health care professionals were returning from a vaccination clinic when they got stuck on the icy road and just before the vaccinations expired, the workers decided to offer the hard-to-get vaccine to others stuck in the snow.

They went to the stranded vehicles and offered those stuck in the winter storm the COVID vaccine. An ambulance was on standby while the shots were administered.

According to the Josephine County Public Health Facebook post, six vaccinations were given to those stranded on the roadway right before the vaccine was set to expire.

I put myself in this situation and I don't know what I would have done. Imagine being stuck on I-10 and someone knocks on your vehicle window and asks if you'd like the COVID-19 vaccine.

Yeah, I'd be a little sceptical, but perhaps have proper identification I'd consider taking it while just sitting my vehicle.[0]=AZVQ56aYv0IO3aq_kjI_AeN0MSSz0snBnWICJGSsWsLhA6hOx2-jp4aGXCxcq70Nq11F-FAB8J6kKYpQyA3APi4tcPxi62L2cWv10huaDVImP9AjvbZ_bJV_JY4S72vuKfYfgnimY8Rp4ef1Y2jWIWER&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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