It's that time of the year in Louisiana.

In recent weeks we have seen a number of videos that show what some would call a "Dust Devil" and now we have a "Hay Devil."

Numerous videos have surfaced on social media that show these small twisters sweeping across the land and to be honest, they are quite impressive.

Well, someone recently caught one of these "twisters" sweeping across an open field and while there may not have been much dirt around it, there was plenty of hay.

You can see the grass being thrown into the air in a twisting manner and I don't recall ever seeing a "Hay Devil" like what you'll see below.

While these can be dangerous if you get caught in one, they often don't do much damage to property.

Here's the video that was shot between Lafayette and Carencro in an open field near a restaurant.

Here are a few more "Dust Devils" that were recently spotted across Acadiana.


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