I have really been feeling the spirit of the season lately. I'm not normally a person that likes to get weirded out, but I do like to celebrate Halloween. And what better place to explore the paranormal than Louisiana? And BTW, we have soooo many scary places to explore right here in Acadiana! Some of these I knew about, and some of them I didn't, but the folks at Hauntedplaces.com and hauntednation.com came up with some pretty cool places in the area if you are looking to get the living daylights scared out of you. Some of my favorites are below, but be sure to check out the whole list. Happy Halloween, y'all.


  • Miller Cemetery, 1507 Soileau Road, Eunice. Also known as 'The Headless Cemetery', some locals say they have spotted an apparition with no head, thus the nickname
  • Nicholson Home, Corso Street, Washington. Once used as a Civil War hospital, and former patients who died gruesome deaths there have been known to appear
  • Harris Hall, 544 McKinley St, Lafayette. This is currently the only all female dorm on campus at UL Lafayette, and has been known to be haunted by a former female resident who died there.
  • St Charles Borromeo Church Retreat House, 214 Church St
    Grand Coteau. Reports of an old Jesuit priest roaming the grounds have been reported throughout the years
  • Chretien Point Plantation, 665 Chretien Point Rd.,Sunset. Even though Jean Lafitte was a tenant, the grounds are supposedly haunted by a Civil War outlaw and the mistress who killed him on the staircase.
  • Bienvenue House Bed and Breakfast, 421 N Main St, St Martinville. Site of the murder of former inn keeper Isabelle Robertson and her invalid daughter Belle
  • Mary Jane's Bridge, Bayou Tortue Rd off Highway 90, Broussard. Haunted by the spirit of a young lady who was thrown off the bridge after being raped and murdered. This is a legit scary place, y'all!
  • T'Frere's House Bed and Breakfast, 1905 Verot School Rd, Lafayette. This might be the most famous haunted spot in Acadiana. The resident ghost is Amelie, and she has been known to float through the hallways from time to time.
  • Rice Theater, 323 N Parkerson Ave, Crowley. Built in 1940, this beautifully restored downtown building is said to be home to whispers in the balcony, and a single ghostly piano key tinkling in the background when visitors are present.
  • Eunice Public Library, 222 S 2nd St. The resident ghost has been known to turn lights on and off, and hide books by local author Mary Alice Fontenot.
  • Cafe Vermilionville, 1304 West Pinhook Rd. Lafayette. Built in the mid 1850's as a small inn, a Union soldier was supposedly shot on the premises, and still shows up at the location of his death to this day.

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