If you’re fascinated by ghosts and hauntings, you might want to check out the Ellerbe Road School in Shreveport. It’s known to be haunted and some even believe that there are devil worshipers that use the school to summon Satan. YIKES. That sounds extreme. It’s even said to have a water tower on the property and legend has it that if you climb to the top and look inside, you’ll see your reflection as the way you will look on the day you will die. Talk about scary. I just don’t think I would have the guts to do it.

Let’s go back in history on the school. According to Inside Mystery, he Shreveport school was originally named George Washington Carver School in 1957 and it was a primary school for black students.  It was located in the middle of farm country isolated from everything. That may be why it struggled to enroll students and closed in 1973. In 1981 it was leased to Baptist Tabernacle as a satellite campus for Louisiana Baptist University, but closed again in 1985.  Was it having trouble keeping operations going because of the location? Or was it something else? Rumors quickly began about the building being haunted.

For decades, locals talked about the janitor, Quinton Gimple, was molesting the children, and then students eventually went missing. Rumors were that the janitor took some children into the gym and set it on fire. The school board knew what about the accusations but chose to keep it quiet.

During school, students would say they felt scared. They told their parents they heard scary noises and weird laughter when they were alone in the halls and bathrooms. Eventually, Quinton was apprehended and sentenced to life in prison for his alleged crimes.

New evidence came to light that released Quinton back into society. The new findings suggest that the children he allegedly kidnapped never existed and the school was also never set on fire during that time period. To read more on that story, click here.


The ghost stories from the locals began attracting many people, including ghost hunters. Explorers reported hearing a ghostly school bell, children screaming and crying, and crazy laughs in the halls.

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