Tropical weather can bring out the best and worst in us, and both can be seen on KATC's Facebook page.

The comments section on KATC's Facebook posts are never boring and often hilarious or even disturbing. An event like a tropical storm brings out a full range of responses. These comments were on Daniel Phillips' 230 p.m. update on Tuesday.

Here are a few that stood out to me:

'Water causes drowning.' Good to know.

Who knew there were different colors of rain? 'Green rain ok. Red rain still ok. Purple rain. He can handle it. But please no yellow rain.'

Amazing insight into broadcast journalism from people who don't work in broadcast journalism. 'Run for your lives. They have to scare you to get you to watch. It's OKAY to get wet.'

Politics and weather have something in common: 'Maybe it'll wash the corruption away in New Iberia.'

Advice on survival necessities. 'Get bean dip. That's all you need.'

Classic comedy. 'I can see my house from here.'

People with their priorities in order. 'I'm going crabbing.'

There were also lots of people asking where Rob Perillo is, but Daniel, Dave, and Eric have done a great job of keeping Acadiana up to date with the latest information!

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