It's hard to connect with the ones we love during these challenging times. Hallmark is doing its small part to help out.

The greeting card giant is currently giving out two million free cards to help spread love around the world and connect with friends and family while apart.

If you're interested in receiving free cards simply go to and sign up to receive a free three-card park, while supplies last.

Yep, it's easy as that and no purchase is necessary.

According to Hallmark, "Kindness and intent to put more caring in the world is all you need to participate."

Each participant will receive an "I believe in you and unicorns" card (inside text: But especially you), "Here for you, here for everything" card (blank inside) and "There's a surprising amount of love in this folded piece of paper" card (inside text: And it's all for you).

The company had originally announced on Friday that it would be giving out one million cards, but as the response was so huge, they decided to double that amount to two million.

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