What would your perfect day look like at 6-years-old? This kid gets to live it.

These guys asked their friend to borrow his 6-year-old son, Huck, for the day, give him $1,000, and enjoy the day with him with whatever he decides to do with the money.

One of the kid's favorite movies is Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, so his first order of business is ordering a limo just like Kevin does. Where are they going in that? To get that cheese pizza, and to Toys-R-Us (RIP), of course.

This kid's got his head on straight, though. The second thing he says that he would want to do with the money is give it to those in need! WOW!

So, as he's literally running around Toys-R-Us, the first thing he picks up is a game of chess...for his sister, because she loves it and someone broke hers.

Next stop was a suggestion from an adult, but there's no way he's not going to love a VR arcade. He says it's the best video game he's ever played.

Also, the kid says, "thanks," to everyone that he comes across on his journey.

What 6-year-old dream day wouldn't involve a candy store? So, of course, they go there.

After all of that he only spent $650. As he said very early in the video, he wants to give some money to people in need. And that's exactly what they do next!

Lastly, they bring the toys home, and Huck is able to give the gifts he got for his sister to her.

What an amazing kid, and an amazing day he had.

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