Well, this is a disturbing story that I wasn't ready for today.

Memorial Mound was a funeral home in Bessemer, Alabama that advertised as a "different way to be laid to rest." From the little research I did, bodies in caskets were stored in racks in a gymnasium sized room instead of being buried in the ground. Caskets would be stacked up to 8 levels high. So, a mausoleum of sorts.

The funeral home was opened in 1992 by the now-deceased Clyde Booth, who died in 2009, and left his estate to his guardian.

Obviously, from the video below, you can see that the place has been abandoned for years. That's where the REALLY disturbing part comes in.

Back in January of 2015, the remains of seven adults, and one infant were recovered from the funeral home. One of which was left open, and exposed.

This is pure speculation, but the exposed body appears to have come from the coroner's office, as it looks like the skull had been cut open, as in during an autopsy. The body is also in a body bag.

Deep breath...Here's the video:

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