A shocking video of brown water spewing from a faucet in Sunset is currently going viral on social media.

Carl Thibodeaux shared the clip on his Facebook page saying that he came home to the brown water just before midnight on Sunday.

Thibodeaux could be heard questioning the Town of Sunset over the brown water that poured into his sink throughout the entire six-minute video.

The water was so brown that you couldn't even see through it, resembling gravy, chocolate milk, or some type of roux, but there was no gumbo in sight.

Reactions poured in on social media.

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Thibodeaux wasn't the only one complaining about the water in Sunset. Many residents complained about the water being completely out earlier in the evening on Sunday while others posted their own video of brown water coming from the faucet.

Based on numerous comments, the town of Sunset has addressed the issue, blaming a failed pump for the brown water—but residents say this type of thing happens far too often.

One family we spoke to wished to remain anonymous and says that their water was only that dark once in the three years since they moved to Sunset but "tinted" brown water is a regular occurance when it comes to the water that comes from the faucets in their home.

At least once a month, we expect to bathe, cook, and wash clothes with brown water.

Hopefully, things get figured out a lot sooner than later as many people in Sunset and beyond will be hosting family, friends, and loved ones for Thanksgiving.

We will update this story as more information is made available on this brown water situation.

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