Guinness World Records has found every man's dream girl, she's like Tina Turner on steroids.  Her name is Ekaterina Lisina.  She's 6-foot-9 and Guinness says she has the longest legs of any woman in the world.

And get this, Guinness claims she's like every other woman on the planet in that one leg is shorter than the other.  Her left leg is a whopping 52.2 inches long and her right leg is an even 52 inches.  Just in case you want to try this at home, Guinness says when measuring, you should measure from your heel to the top of your hip.

Lisina is an Olympic athlete.  She is part of the Russian women's basketball team and won a bronze medal in 2008.  In addition, she's a model and is now proclaimed the tallest female model ever by the Guinness World Book of Records.


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