The zombie apocalypse is coming, and there's no way to avoid it. But where would you go? Where would you hide? Here are a few places to hunker down and worry about stuff and things.

Honestly, the oil rig idea is absolutely perfect. I can see the movie plot now - some bad voodoo goes down in New Orleans turning people into zombies. A group of survivors fights their way to the Louis Armstrong Airport to get a helicopter to take to the nearest offshore rig. Once on the rig, you've got everything you need to make fuel. Assuming the fish haven't gone zombie, you've got plenty of food. See y'all on the Thunder Horse!

  1. The Salt Mines - In Vermilion Parish, the Jefferson Island salt mine is a quick, fast destination to get to. The only risk is that they're known to collapse and create sinkholes.
  2. Oil Rigs in the Gulf Of Mexico - This is a no-brainer. You would just need a boat to go back and forth from the mainland to replenish supplies.
  3. Castles - Well, believe it or not, there are castles in Louisiana. Like Louisiana Castle in Franklinton or the old State Capitol in downtown Baton Rouge. These fortresses are designed to withstand attacks from zombie hordes.
  4. Six Flags New Orleans - Well, this could be sort of dangerous being that the park is already abandoned and full of hazards. But, that means there are fewer zombies to deal with when you do get there. Realistically you'll have a slim chance for fortifying the place. Hey, a slim chance is like gold in a zombie apocalypse.
  5. Driskill Mountain - The highest point in the state. Great lookout point and it's outside. The downside is that it makes it prone to night attacks.
  6. Timbalier Island - It's an island. Same rules and methods apply as the oil rig plan.
  7. Fort Proctor - It's a fortress on water! Just make sure you have a boat and you are golden.
  8. Tallest buildings in the city - Tall buildings make for great vantage points against danger! Buildings like Chase Tower in Lafayette, the State Capitol in Baton Rouge and One Shell Square in New Orleans. Just make sure you clear the buildings first.
  9. AVOID THE STATE OF TEXAS AT ALL COSTS - No explanation needed here folks, the nearby cities of Houston and Dallas are so populated that the state will be crawling with biters.

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