If you've seen the viral video known as "The Seattle Zombie Woman" you're probably still shook. If you haven't seen it yet, consider yourself lucky.

YouTube Via Nick Crowley
YouTube Via Nick Crowley

Seattle Zombie Woman Video

In May of 2021, a viral TikTok video began making the rounds showing a woman who appeared to be in extreme distress shambling through the streets of Seattle.

She was crying, screaming, bloodied, and seemingly looking for someone to help her.

The woman was also curiously carrying what looked to be something bloody wrapped in a t-shirt.

Her head was mostly shaved but for a few patches of long brown hair.

Was she a victim of extreme abuse? Drugs? Was she suffering from a mental illness?

The video inspired nothing but shock and questions from anyone who saw it. Interestingly, no answers could be found as to what was happening in this video.

YouTube Via Nick Crowley
YouTube Via Nick Crowley

At first, it certainly seemed like an incredibly well-constructed apocalyptic zombie hoax, but then the Seattle Police Dept. arrived on the scene and it becomes crystal clear that this situation is...real.

Exactly what the situation was is what has had the internet confused

Here's the original Seattle Zombie Woman viral video...

There are a few other videos of the event and audio from the officer's body cam videos that blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

If this was a hoax, no one let the police in on it.

Ever since the Seattle Zombie Woman video went viral, the has been zero information about her or the situation.

Nothing about this incident was covered on the local news in Seattle, no mention of the event in the local Seattle newspapers...nothing.

From Nick Crowley on YouTube -

"Though despite international concern for her well-being, her identity and the true nature of the event would quickly become an internet mystery. With the case being known simply today, as the Seattle Zombie Woman."

Thanks to some fantastic and relentless internet investigating, we may finally have some answers.

Seattle Zombie Woman Kimberly Kassai

Kimberly Kassai Seattle Zombie Woman
YouTube Via Nick Crowley

After over a year of searching for answers to the Seattle Zombie Woman incident, it appears one savvy sleuth, Rebecca MS, has cracked the case.

Rebecca found a social media page for a woman by the name of Kimberly Kassai.

One photo posted by Kassai shows her in makeup that looks identical to the Seattle Zombie Woman seen in the viral TikTok video.

The caption on Kassai's photo reportedly reads "I'm not your lab rat".

Below is the video from Rebecca MS of body cam footage from the incident and of the officer's investigation.

Apparently, Kassai's zombie incident was actually some sort of political protest.

We've never been so relieved over an act of protest in our lives.

Below is the full story on the Seattle Zombie Woman for you to watch and come to your own conclusion.

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