Many citizens in New Orleans are absolutely fed up with the crime in their city, and one city council member said this week that maybe it's time to think about something drastic.

Councilman Oliver Thomas suggested that perhaps the National Guard might be needed to curb violence in the city that has shot up drastically in the last year.

WDSU says there has been a 37% increase in fatal shootings from June 2021 to June of this year. Another crime is up as well. There has been a 28% increase in armed robberies in the same time frame and a 7% increase in carjackings.

Here's a link to a petition for people wanting the National Guard to be deployed to help stop the violence.

There is no shortage of stories of horrific crimes that have happened just this year. There was a case just a week or so ago of a grandmother who was killed by a shooting incident at a graduation ceremony.

No one will likely soon forget when a grandmother was carjacked and then dragged to her death in New Orleans.

Another example of the crazy nature of criminal activity in the city is a wild show of "burnouts" where people were even seen walking on a New Orleans Police Department cruiser.

Governor John Bel Edwards says he is not going to have the National Guard fill out the role of law enforcement in the city. He says, "they are soldiers, not law enforcement". He spoke to reporters following a public speaking engagement near New Orleans.

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