The general consensus of those gathered around my patio table on Sunday afternoon was this. The flies are terrible this year. There just seem to be a lot more of them than usual and they tend to make a picnic by the pool a lot less enjoyable.

The obvious solution to eliminating your fly problem is to not give the flies a reason to come around. That means keeping your patio or garage free of food for the pests or creating a nice habitat for the flies to breed.

There are plenty of aromatic candles and sprays, some laden with chemicals some using only natural ingredients, that will at least keep the fly population at bay.

You might also opt for the tried and true bug zapper. The ultraviolet light of the zapper attracts the insects to their ultimate electrocution and death and on a warm night, it makes for some very low-class entertainment.

Another method we can recommend is the fly trap. There are several different styles of these available at local retailers. Some are just sticky pieces of material that the insects land on and cant leave. Others entice the insects into a bag filled with fluid and attractants that draw the flies in and won't allow them to leave.

The key point to remember with bug zappers and fly traps is to place them away from your public gathering areas. Otherwise, you'll just be attracting more the bugs to come bug you in a place you don't want to be bugged.

I also need to mention the salt shooting fly guns that you can find online, in certain stores, and probably at every Stuckey's in Alabama. These air power guns shoot salt crystals like buckshot and the wounds are usually quite fatal for the fly who has been targeted.


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