A local family started something called ‘Golf Cart Santa’ six years ago to spread the magic of Christmas with their neighborhood. It has grown each year and turned into a family tradition. So many people have joined in and they look forward to this every year.

Michael Gallagher Facebook
Michael Gallagher Facebook

Mark Gallagher and his wife Christianna have taken the roles of Mr. and Mrs. Claus in a makeshift sleigh. According to KATC, the Bourgeois family joined in on the fun last year. Marc Bourgeois told KATC that they can’t imagine a December without Golf Cart Santa.

This year they added another cart and they will have elves walking along them. The elves will be dancing to music and spreading joy to everyone. I love this video that was posted on Michael Gallagher's Facebook page. You can see how much work they put in and how much the community enjoys it.

Although this year they will not be able to do pictures with Santa due to the pandemic, there will still be plenty of music, laughter, and Christmas spirit. Mr. and Mrs. Claus will be wearing their masks and practicing safety guidelines.

Mark’s brother, Michael Gallagher, told me it started out as a neighborhood endeavor with the kids in his neighborhood and a simple golf cart. Then after he realized how much fun it was, he built a sled and decorated it with Christmas ornaments and lights. The sled was complete with a Christmas tree and blaring Christmas music for all the kids of Broussard to enjoy. Michael said over the years it continued to grow and now the city of Broussard endorses Golf Cart Santa. Now, every neighborhood in Broussard is put on the schedule and they all look forward to seeing Santa. Michael also added that it is a very faith filled mission that never forgets the true meaning of Christmas.

It’s one of the most fun and generous things I have ever witnessed. I am very proud of my brother and his family of Elves.   – Michael Gallagher

I love how people in our community are volunteering to spread good cheer. I wish more would do this.

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