Fans of Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia can now hit the high seas together in a pleasure cruise that celebrates the iconic television show The Golden Girls. The cruise is being organized by Flip Phone Events and has announced sailing dates of February 24th through February 29th of 2020.

The cruise will set sail from Miami, of course, and will include stops in Key West and Cozumel. Guests will be sailing aboard the fabulous Celebrity Infinity, a ship I sailed on from Santiago Chile to Fort Lauderdale and most recently on The Jazz Cruise earlier this year. It's a wonderful vessel but this cruise will be extra special for fans of the TV show.

Among the Golden Girl related activities that have been publically announced are a sail away party with cheesecake, Golden Girls trivia contests, a Golden Girls costume contest, and One Night In St. Olaf Dance Party that will include games of Ugel and Flugel. If you don't know what those games are, then you might want to choose another cruise.

Special cabin rates and offers are in place between now and March 5th of 2019 so if you're interested you might want to book now as cabin prices most certainly will rise as availability becomes limited.


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