Behold the most unexpected love story you'll ever see.

A little girl named Rayna became enamored with a water heater left on the curb so garbage men could collect it. She thought it was a robot, though, and immediately took a liking to the pseudo-cyborg.

Rayna innocently says hello to the robot before really putting her emotions out there by saying, "I love you," which was probably very awkward for the heater, since they had just met and the machine couldn't really offer an "I love you" in return. At least not yet. This girl is clearly moving too fast. He needs his space. He's not ready for a commitment. It's not her, it's him. You pick the cliche -- it'll apply.

You see all sorts of weird things in the streets (pancake eater, anyone?), but witnessing the start of a love affair like this has got to be one of the most heartwarming.

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