This one is too cute: a little girl promises her mom that she'll fix her own attitude.

Taylor Stone posted the video of her daughter, Madison, explaining why she needs to fix her own attitude. It appears that Madison is being taught that she has to take responsibility for her actions, because that is what I am hearing in her words.

"Momma, when I have an attitude, I gotta fix it myself," she begins, "because it's my attitude in my way."  It appears that Madison took the "selfie" video after being scolded by her mother about said attitude.

She continues: "I know I need to start listening, and I am starting a new life for myself". Now, those are pretty big words for a kid who appears to be less than 10 years old.

They're trying to help me out, but I just don't like the way they do it - Madison, via Facebook

This video will melt your heart, as it did her mother's.


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