If you are a resident of New Orleans, you now have a really interesting candidate to consider for the upcoming mayoral election -- a giant traffic cone.

That's right, Giant Cone has announced its candidacy for mayor of the Crescent City.

"There's a void in our city's leadership and I'm ready to fill it," claims Giant Cone.

Some residents know this traffic cone better as King Cone after it first appeared as an art installation in the center of a pothole in the Irish Channel back in spring. The eight-foot cone magically disappeared in early April but made a return on Easter Sunday, according to WWL-TV.

Now, it has been reported that the cone has been spotted around town since announcing its candidacy, and has also been a hit on the social media site Reddit.

Why would anyone vote for Giant Cone and not one of the other 14 human candidates? Well, some would say the choice is clear.

According to Giant Cone's website, GiantConeForMayor.com, here are some of the traits that would qualify Giant Cone as a fearless leader:

  • Highly visible in the community
  • Moves people without saying a word
  • Street tough
  • Larger than life presence
  • Current on taxes
  • Always flexible
  • Never stops working
  • Isn't afraid to get dirty
  • Will never take money
  • Communicates well
  • Respected across all party, gender, race, and religious lines

“I never stop working, plain and simple,” Giant Cone said. “I’ve seen so much in this city. I’ve been run over, kicked, stolen, and defaced. I’m on the front lines day in and day out. I don’t know about everyone else, but over the years I’ve seen my fill of the same old, same old.”

The primary election for New Orleans Mayor is set for October 9, 2021, and includes Democratic incumbent LaToya Cantrell.

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