The Force wasn't so strong with autograph seekers who ticked off George Lucas.

I think some people forget celebrities are people and have their limits when it comes to being mobbed by others. George Lucas has been bashed unmercifully for years by some Star Wars fans and critics over the prequel movies and even his decision to sell to Disney.

Mr. Lucas doesn't seem too broken up over selling Star Wars (and Indiana Jones) and he's made it clear he wants to move on to other projects. That's why I think he's very generous when signing autographs and Star Wars memorabilia; he could just as easily ignore those requests and go about his life.

That's probably what Mr. Lucas was wishing he'd done when autograph seekers got aggressive in Beverly Hills. Mr. Lucas was clearly bothered by having items thrust in his way and suggested that instead of getting autographs that they can sell for hundreds of dollars, they should 'go out and get a job.' He accused them of not being fans and just out to make money off his signature. I agree with him, as these guys didn't ask to take a picture with him or to autograph anything other than posters and other merchandise they can sell on eBay or at conventions.

He also impatiently answered very stupid questions from TMZ photo - hounds. My favorite was 'What do you think about Mark Hamill finally getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?,' to which Mr. Lucas replied in a very bored tone, 'I think that's fine.'

Watch the video above for the full exchange between George Lucas and the pesky bottom - feeders who didn't even ask him what projects he's working on these days.

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