The family of George Floyd, who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer nearly a week ago sparking national outrage, recently released the results of an independent autopsy That autopsy report stated that Floyd died of asphyxiation from sustained pressure on his back and neck. Today there is new information that George Floyd had tested positive for COVID-19, begging the question, did COVID-19 also play a role in his death?

Minneapolis (AP) is reporting that on April 3, George Floyd had tested positive for COVID-19 but was asymptomatic. A report by Chief Medical Examiner Andre Baker stated that not only had Floyd tested positive for COVID-19 but he also had narrowing of arteries of the heart. It is important to note that his lungs appeared healthy.

The family's independent autopsy differed from the official autopsy. The official autopsy ruled out death by asphyxiation or strangulation.

Floyd died about a week ago when a Minneapolis police officer held his knee on Floyd's neck for over 5 minutes. Onlookers shouted at the officer to let him up as Floyd struggled to tell all four of the officers present at the scene that he could not breathe.

Officer Derek Chauvin was originally charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The murder charge for Chauvin has now been upgraded to second-degree murder. The other officers were not penalized initially, but now have all been fired.

[Via: Minneapolis (AP)]

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