I know that it's been almost 2 weeks since the LSU Tigers dismantled the Clemson Tigers 42-25 in the College Football Playoff National Championship.  At this point it would be petty to continue onslaught of jokes and derision aimed at Clemson's absolutely horrible tiger mascot costume.

That being said, somebody made a Go Fund Me page to raise enough money to get a less drugged-out looking costume for LSU venerable foes at Clemson.  That somebody is Dion Grossnickle, and now that fundraiser is sitting at more than 3 times the goal of $1,000.  As of last check, the donations had topped $3,100!

Myarklamiss.com reports that Dion started the fundraiser as a joke, but the idea caught traction and donations started to roar in from the purple and gold faithful who agreed the Clemson mascot was uglier than home made sin.

On Thursday, Dion posted this on Facebook in disbelief as he actually wrote a check out to Clemson.

The funds will not buy the university a less-terrifying mascot, however.  The money will go to the Tigers United University Consortium.  This fund is set up to help save wild tigers worldwide, and is supported by Clemson, LSU, Auburn and the University of Missouri (all tigers).

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