Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee celebration is being viewed around the world this week. It started Saturday, June 2nd continued this week with lots of pomp and circumstance for those loyal to the Royals. But for the rest of us, it's a time to wink and giggle at some of the oddities that surround such celebrity. If you thought the diamonds on her tiara were something, wait till you see some of gems:

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    Queen's Dog Throw Pillow

    You'd better hurry if you want this one- there were only four left when I wrote this!

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    Queen's Head Salt and Pepper Shakers

    You know you're big when you can buy salt and pepper shakers with your tiny little head on them.

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    Queen Elizabeth Cardboard Cutout

    Cardboard cutouts are perfect for educational purposes, birthdays, reenactments, or for the historical buff in your family. My brother had one of Clint Eastwood once. It didn't fool any burglars.

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    Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Tea Bags

    "I reigned as Queen of England for 60 years and all I got was a cup of tea." Is it just me or does it look like she's in a hot tub?

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    Solar Queen Elizabeth

    Place this solar queen in the sun and watch Her Majesty deliver her signature subtle 'changing the light bulb' wave. The solar panel on her handbag powers her twist of the wrist, so she never needs batteries. May she wave forever.