Queen Elizabeth passed away earlier today at the age of 96. In triumphant fashion fit for a Queen, a beautiful rainbow appeared over Windsor Castle shortly after she passed away.

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Queen Elizabeth Rainbow Over Windsor Castle

After it was announced earlier this morning (9/8/22) that Queen Elizabeth’s doctors were “concerned for her health”, the news was released hours later that the Queen had passed away.

Having the throne for 70 years, Queen Elizabeth stands as Brittian's longest-reigning Monarch ever.

As flags were being lowered to half staff after the Queen's passing, an incredible scene began to unfold as a rainbow appeared over Windsor Castle as if to pay tribute.

From WDSU -

"Elizabeth was 96 years old at the time of her death Thursday afternoon at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Her eldest son, Prince Charles, became king immediately upon her death."


Queen Elizbeth Rainbow
YouTube Via WVTM 13 News


How incredible is that?

A double rainbow was also caught on video over Buckingham Palace.



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